Ranking Every Super Bowl 58 Top Food and Drink Commercials

Let's rank this year's 23 food Super Bowl ads from Pizza Hut, to Starry, and Dunkin'!

The Super Bowl isn’t just about football; it’s a big deal when it comes to food, especially when it comes to the commercials. This year, we saw a lot of ads from favorites like Bud Light to newcomers like Popeyes.

I know this year was all about Travis and Taylor, but we want to be entertained with commercials!


Here’s a list of the top food and drink commercials we saw during the Super Bowl 58 (2024).

23. Hellmann’s

hellmanns super bowl

Kate McKinnon and a “mayo” cat couldn’t save this Hellmann’s spot from drowning in its own extravagance, overshooting the humor and underselling the product.

22. Pringles

Pringle's superbowl commercial

Chris Pratt’s much-awaited Pringle’s ad fell flat. Attempting to draw humor from Pratt’s ‘Pringles man’ resemblance, the concept was stretched too far and lost its crunch.

21. M&M’s

M&Ms dan marino commercial super bowl

M&M’s swung for the fences with an ad featuring Dan Marino and a ‘Ring of Comfort.’ Unfortunately, it meanders into a murky territory dominated by a superfluous marketing stunt.

20. Pizza Hut

pizza hut super bowl commercial

“Pizza Wha-Huuuuut?!” barely scratches the surface. Peppered with customer reactions to Pizza Hut’s new Hot Honey Pizza and Wings, the ad unsuccessfully tried too hard to echo Budweiser’s iconic “Wassup.”

19. Drumstick

drumstick super bowl commercial

Eric André and Dr. Umstick present a comically twisted airline emergency in this Drumstick spectacle, serving laughs and ice cream cones at high altitude.

18. Lindt

lindt chocolate super bowl commercial

Lindt’s delightful ad takes us on a serene trip with LINDOR truffles, indulging us in sweet moments without relying on humor or gimmicks.

17. Oikos

oikos super bowl commercial martin lawrence

Simple and to the point, Martin Lawrence lifts our spirits and a golf cart in Oikos’ protein-packed showing – no frills, just strength.

16. Starry

ice spice starry commercial

Ice Spice’s subdued presence couldn’t sparkle enough for Starry Soda’s debut, but the ad’s restraint from typical Super Bowl theatrics was kinda refreshing, not going to lie.

15. Nerds

addison rae nerds commercial

Featuring Addison Rae, Nerds steps into the Super Bowl ring for the first time, funny and slightly bizarre, with a gummy creature that steals the show.

14. Reese’s

reeses will arnett super bowl commercial

Reese’s Big Cup Caramel spot taps into the brand’s playful side, casting Will Arnett as the bearer of chaotic comedic announcements.

13. BodyArmor

bodyarmor super bowl commercial

BodyArmor quenches our thirst for authenticity, blending real athletic prowess with a subtle dig at the artificial, in a needle threaded with precision.


mountain dew aubrey plaza commercial

MTN DEW pairs Aubrey Plaza’s deadpan charm with visual gags and random cameos, resulting in a montage that intrigues when it stays grounded.

11. Oreo

kris jenner oreos commercial

The divisive Oreo twist couldn’t unlock the same magic with a disjointed cameo from Kris Jenner, despite its aim to offer a simple solution to life’s quandaries.

10. Popeyes

popeyes ken jeong super bowl commercial

Ken Jeong wakes from cryogenic slumber for Popeyes’ wings, in an ad that hits the high note on humor and gives us a great laugh for a time-traveling trope.

9. Budweiser

budweiser clydesdales horse commercial

Budweiser returns to its roots with “Old School Delivery,” charming us with Clydesdales, snowy scenes, faithful dogs, and iconic tunes.

8. Poppi

poppi super bowl commercial

Poppi fizzes with claims to revolutionize soda, using vibrant visuals and music to spin a whimsical, somewhat grandiose narrative.

7. Doritos Dinamita

doritos dinamita jenna ortega super bowl commercial

Jam-packed with action stars and unlikely superhero grandmothers, Doritos Dinamita’s ad delivers an explosion of fun with a great cameo with Jenna Ortega.

6. Silk

silk commercial jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner’s joyous number for Silk almond milk, although light-hearted, breathes inspiration, reflecting his personal journey after a near-fatal accident.

5. Coors Light

coors light chill train commercial

Reviving the “Coors Light Chill Train,” this ad chugged through a winter wonderland and sunny coast, decorated with celebrity charisma.

4. SToK Cold Brew Coffee

stok coffee anthony hopkins commercial super bowl

Sir Anthony Hopkins in SToK’s spot emerged as an unexpected twist, masterfully mixing highbrow artistry with lowbrow laughs, giving a richly brewed winner.

3. Bud Light

bud light genie commercial comedy

The Genie in Bud Light’s commercial showcased an effortlessly funny everyman as he grants beer-filled wishes – loud, fast-paced, and crammed with familiar faces.

2. Dunkin’