That Worked in Fast Food

We had no idea these celebrities worked in fast food!  Did you?


Before her breakout role in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts was just like the rest of us trying to put food on the table. One of her early jobs was serving ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Julia Roberts


"Man's gotta eat.  No shame." was what he once told someone in an interview about his job clucking around at El Pollo Loco.  Protect this man at all costs.

Brad Pitt


Before fame, Mark Hamill worked at Jack in the Box, using humor and voices with customers, proving naysayers wrong by becoming a star.

Mark Hamill


Jennifer Aniston once worked at Jackson Hole, NYC, enjoying her hustle before fame. She values hard work and reconnected with her old boss.

Jennifer Aniston


Amy Adams saved for a car by working at Hooters post-high school, appreciating the pay and experience before her acting career took off.

Amy Adams


Eva Longoria worked at Wendy's for 6 years from age 14, inspired by her family's work ethic, to fund her quinceañera and support her family.

Eva Longoria


Kate Walsh, once fired from Burger King for a grumpy manager, found a better fit at Dairy Queen before her "Grey's Anatomy" fame.

Kate Walsh


Rachel McAdams spent 3 years at McDonald's, charming customers with her voice despite being a self-described slow, daydreaming worker.

Rachel McAdams


Sharon Stone worked at McDonald's at 19, sharing in her book that hard work can lead from humble beginnings to achieving big dreams.

Sharon Stone


Jenna Fischer, former Long John Silver's fry cook, learned early lessons in hard work before becoming Pam on "The Office."

Jenna Fischer


Eva Mendes cherished her first jobs at 'Ciao' pizza shop and 'Hot Dog on a Stick' at 15, valuing the work experience and lessons learned.

Eva Mendes


Before politics, Barack Obama scooped ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, learning early lessons in responsibility, hard work, and balance.

Barack Obama